What not to get for Christmas if ……..

Aunty Pen gives some advice on what not to get for Christmas

Aunty Pen gives some advice on what not to get for Christmas

Last week, while walking past two ladies talking in the supermarket I heard the most awful words that a rescuer can ever hear……”We are getting the kids a puppy for Christmas, Caitlin loves to snuggle with tiny puppies…she’s going to be so excited.”
All I could do was sigh and hope that these doting parents get a dose of reality before going to a breeder and buying some poor little dog to be their daughters plaything.
I am putting this message out today in the hope that anyone thinking of adding to their family will please stop and take a moment before they take the plunge. Consider the responsibility of having a dog…the time investment, the financial investment and the fact that they make absolutely crap baby sitters!
Please don’t get a dog for your kids to watch and take care of unless YOU are going to supervise and pick up the slack when your kids get bored and move on to the next bright shiny new thing, as they all surely do…kids being kids and all.
Please don’t get a dog if you think that they should never growl if they are unhappy or feel threatened, or if you are one of those people that think that all dogs should let kids do anything they like to them.
Please don’t get a dog unless you are prepared for a lot of poop on your floors over the years, the possibility of chewed furniture, sandwiches being viewed as communal property and the embarrassment of Aunty Margarets leg being ferociously shagged during family get togethers when puppy Fido gets overwhelmed with excitement.
Please don’t get a dog if your idea of exercise is a two minute trot round the cul de sac and the dog should then be ‘happy’ to play on his own in the back yard. Please rethink getting a puppy if you think training classes are a waste of time, or that your dog should just be grateful to have a home with you; or if you are gone all day and have after school activities all evening.
Get a dog if you want to care for another living being for the next fifteen years or so…….. one that can’t talk, understands less than ten percent of what you say and gets his thrills sniffing someone else’s butt and rolling in dead stuff.
They are different to us, and if you do it right it isn’t always easy; some dogs are complicated, some dogs are high energy and high maintenance, some come to us with issues.
If you go into dog ownership understanding these facts and you still want a dog, then please go for it, you will never be more loved and you will never know such joy as when you get awakened by a wet nose on your face. Pure bliss….
But why not make life easier for you and the dog? Instead of getting the cute puppy who’s only going to look like that for a few months anyway, why not adopt a slightly older rescue dog?
There’s an old saying among dog professionals…’You never know the dog you’ve got until they’re two’.
Adopting a dog closer to two means you know exactly what youre getting, what he likes, what he dislikes, how he feels about people, food, other dogs, kids, motorbikes…….it takes the guesswork and thus, the pain, out of bringing this little furry stranger into your home.
Don’t get a puppy for the kids for Christmas….instead, get a new family member for the whole family to enjoy and care for. Do your homework, adopt wisely, for personality instead of looks, and your life will then be exponentially richer…… I guarantee it.

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