Frankie and Andy’s Place….a helping collaboration between man, and his best friend


As you know, Frankie and Andy’s Place exists not only to save kind and loving senior dogs from kill shelters, but also to give those dogs a chance to use their gifts for good……providing a non-judgemental brand of emotional support and companionship to people in our communities. The dogs visit senior centers every week to provide comfort, and to stimulate conversation and memories with the old folks, but they also work with other folks too…anyone who needs them, in fact.

Read below a wonderful letter from 13 year old Audrey and her mum, Tracy, about what Frankie and Andy’s Place has meant for them…..

“Coming to Frankie and Andy’s Place makes me happy because I like how calm the dogs are when I pet them and we listen to music together.” – Audrey (13 year old lover of dogs and music; also happens to have autism).

We are so thankful for FAAP. It has given us the perfect opportunity to introduce the idea of a “job” to our child who otherwise would have limited opportunities for an introduction to employment due to her unique set of sensitivities, language challenges and social differences. Knowing that 80% of kids with autism leave the school system with no avenues for active employment, we have set out to find our child a niche. All people want to have a sense of purpose. We know that FAAP has given Audrey this. The bonus is that it has given her mom and dad (also lovers of dogs and music) just as much happiness.

‘If you know of someone who might benefit from the love and companionship of the Frankie and Andys Place dogs, please have them contact us….it doesn’t matter what their need or circumstances are, we exist to help.
Frankie and Andy’s Place….a helping collaboration between man, and his best friend.

If you would like to get more information on Frankie and Andy’s Place please visit or visit us on Facebook x

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