Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to  Nelson Miller (President and Founder of Desperate Dogs)
Ten year old silver Weimaraner Nelson came to us almost ten years ago when the family he was living with could not handle him any more; his separation anxiety was off the dial and STILL the worst case that I have ever dealt with, his counter surfing was legendary, his prey drive was the fear of all mammals in the western hemisphere and to top it all off, he had issues with children, bikes, cars and bigger dogs.
Being an egotistical type of person, I was sure I was clever enough to fix him in a few weeks, because well, Im fabulous and clever and I can do anything, right? Well, I did fix him for the most part [he’ll still kill anything he can chase and you cant answer the doorbell and leave a sandwich out, no sireee!] and it only took me the better part of FIVE YEARS!
Its been a journey, but an amazing one, in which I have learned the true meaning of the serenity prayer, I have learned to embrace the nature of the beast and above all, I have learned to love and adore the workings of a dogs’ mind. It was Nelson who made me decide to go down this path of rehabilitating dogs; he taught me that if I could fix him, I could fix other dogs too.
His tenth birthday is this week, and as I watch him grow older with my family…….now a calm, balanced, happy dog who makes everyone’s heart sing, I am ever grateful that he walked or should I say, bolted in to our lives nine and a half years ago. He changed our lives, our perceptions of love and gave us each gifts that are too great to even describe. We love you, Nelson, and every atom of all that you are……x

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