Its funny how ….

Its funny how things can look sometimes………
Today I wanted to share with you a picture Pete took of these four dogs playing in the sand pit, because it looked like all hell was breaking loose, when in fact there were some other, far more interesting factors at play.
The German shepherd in the rear of the picture is Monte Benz, a big goober of a puppy with not a mean bone in his body, who was playing chase with Carla, the black dog with the red collar who is rearing up on to my Levi’s shoulders.
Dixie the great dane, has a bit of a ‘thang’ for Monte, and decided to head him off so she could get him to herself to play with. Dixie’s an older lady but with a mighty 120 pounds behind her, Monte wasnt going to argue, so he did as the old cougar said and stopped chasing
Carla; you can see in todays album pics that Dixie got her man and the two played chase for hours today after this picture was taken.
Carla, happening upon Levi while being chased by Monte, reared up from his side and surprised the heck out of him, you can see his ‘Who the heck is that?’ look as he looks around to her. Carla also has a bit of a ‘thang’ for Levi, and is always trying to be his best buddie; unfortunately Levi isnt that interested in her, and spurns her advances at every turn!
So there you have it, both requited and unrequited love at the ranch today…………
Looks like the gorgeous old cougar found love…game set and match!

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