At Desperate Dogs, we understand that from time to time dogs experience problems with their behaviour; sometimes they can be fearful of other dogs or people, or maybe they are showing signs of aggression.

The first thing to do is not panic. Take a look at the problem, think back to when it started and what were the triggers? You may find that something as simple as realising that the sound of the door bell scares the bejeepers out of your dog, and all that is required is to desensitise them to that sound. You may also find that Fido is acting up because he hasn’t been walked that much since the new baby arrived on the scene, and all he needs to do is have some daily quality time running in the park to relieve that pent up frustration Dogs are just like us, they have feelings, emotions, fears and pet hates. Before you rush to get rid of the dog or put it into some barbaric shock collar or worse, take a moment to see things from the dogs viewpoint, and if you can’t figure out what the problem is, then give us a call.

We work with rescue organisations every week, almost every day in fact, to rehabilitate dogs that were considered no hopers. All of these have gone on to live successfully in homes where they contribute to family life on a scale that would never have been expected. Most of these were bite cases, some were fearful and many needed to just be taught what humans expect from them and how they can help us.

When you contact us, we listen to the problem and evaluate it and then decide if it is behavioural counselling you need or really that the dog needs to visit a trainer. Very often, owners confuse bad parenting of the dog for bad behaviour by the dog! You wouldn’t expect a child to read if it hadn’t been taught or to use the potty without potty training, but how often do we ‘Lassie-fy’ our dogs and just expect it to do exactly whats right all the time despite never having taught it anything other than ‘sit’?

Here at Desperate Dogs we rehabilitate aggression, fear and socialisation issues and have had some excellent results using only hands off, torture free techniques! We work extensively with the Gwinnett Humane Society, North east Georgia Humane Society and Gracies Place Pet Rescue. We treat all problems holistically, looking at the dogs environment, diet, health issues and level and type of exercise.

All dogs have what is called a ‘hedonic quota’’s what ticks a dogs’ boxes to make sure they are happy and fulfilled. Different breeds and different dogs have different hedonic quotas, we look a little deeper to find out what makes the dog tick, what makes him happy and make sure that his life then includes those things! Dogs, like humans, just want to be happy and fulfilled. When they are, their issues go away.

There is no magic pill to fix your dog. It takes time and commitment to take this journey with your dog, you will need to invest a little money, a lot of patience and understanding and be prepared for some failures. But, just like you don’t give up on your kids when they make mistakes and you guide them the right way to eventual success…so it is with your dog. If you would like us to evaluate your problem, give us a call for a no obligation chat on (678) 936-2771 and we will give you an honest opinion.